Thursday, May 05, 2016

How a note from my 7 year old encouraged me

Every now and then my kids come and raid my office. They check my drawers, play in my chair, relax on my couch and usually thrash my office. Most of the time I am cleaning up in their wake. Sometimes it upsets me and sometimes I just chalk it up as another day of parenting. But sometimes they write me awesome notes!

The last time Sophie stopped by she did all of these. I had popped out of my office for a minute and came back to her completing this note on my board. She was standing on her tipi-toes stretching to write. She found the markers in my drawer and wanted to share something with me.

It's such a joy to find little notes like this. What it got me thinking was, "How come this is so meaningful?" Then it hit me:
We all need a little encouragement! 

My daughter provided this little encouragement that added a little more gas to my tank.

I believe we all have a certain amount of gas in our tank at any moment. Not our car gas tank but the gas tank of our life. The level of gas we have in this tank varies day by day and sometimes minute by minute.

When that tank is running low we are:
*living on the edge

When our tank is full it's a whole different story. We have:
*encourage others
*smile more
*give life to others
*have a better outlook on life

When you think about your life today, where are you living? Are you living with an empty gas tank? If so, what can you do to fill up your tank? If you're tank is full, how can you encourage others today to add some more gas to their tank?

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