Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ten: How the Commandments Set Us Free- Book Review

Book Title- Ten: How the Commandments Set Us Free

Author- Mark S. Mitchell

Publisher- Discovery House

Pages- 127

Quotable- "We can't truly love one another unless we love God."

I always thought the Ten Commandments were a list of laws for Christians to follow, boy was I wrong! Mark's book has opened my eyes to the true purpose of the Ten Commandments. In this book Mark goes through the Ten Commandments and explains how they have been given to give us freedom!

Reading this book has revealed a misconception I had as a young Christian. I always looked at the Ten Commandments as rules that kept me bound, like a set of handcuffs. They seemed cold, tough and unyielding. As I matured in Christ I realized they were far from that. Mark explains how the commandments are far from that. The Ten Commandments are more like a map, or a guide, that helps to point people to God's Son. Because in God's Son there is freedom.

Not only is this book exegetical and solid in theology (as Mark always is) but very applicable. Each chapter has different illustrations and life stories to help you ponder how the commandments apply to your life. I highly encourage you to stop reading this review, purchase the book, and find out how the Ten Commandments can set you free!

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