Friday, August 08, 2008

Leadership Summit, Friday Morning

This morning a guy named Craig Groeschel spoke about "it". That sounds kinda funny, but he made some great points. I don't extensive notes or great points to write here (I will share some of what he spoke about). He shared about Acts 2:42-47 and what it would look like if "every day" people's lives were being transformed by the Holy Spirit. He talked about "it" and what churches that have it are doing. Churches that have it are committed to doing a few things and doing them well.
He shared his story about loosing it and being too focused on the ministry and not on his relationship with God, I know what that looks like and it hit home with me. He shared what he did to get it back and just what he needed to do.
"To reach people who no one is willing to reach you have to be willing to do things that no one else is doing."
Four things to ask yourself:
1) What are you doing that needs to stop? What can you cut out?
2) What is going trying to show you through what you love and are passionate about?
Those who have it are willing to fail, those who don't are scared to fail.
4) Organizations who have it are led by leaders who have it.

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