Thursday, August 21, 2008

7 days left

Today we went to the Doc and Charity is officially dilated. Our Doc says she is a 1 and 1/2. This means the baby can come at any time. She also was able to feel the head (sounds crazy to me). We had to stay around and Charity was put on a contraction monitor. She was on for about 25 min and had about 10 contractions (I think that is good). She has had a few contractions that lasted longer than 30 seconds, but we still need them to last longer. We are really in just wait mode right now.
I am super thankful that Charity's sister is here in town with us. She drove Charity around to do some errands today. I talked with her about an hour ago and she had some more contractions, please keep praying for us. Sophie will be here before we know it. Also our Doctor told us Sophie is about 6 and 3/4 pounds (not the average 8 pound Benson kid).


Salazar Family said...
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Salazar Family said...

not quite the 9 lb. salazar baby either. wow, i think our babies were 6 and 3/4 lbs when i was like 7 months pregnant. she is going to seem so small...but don't worry, she's not that fragile. don't be afraid to hold her and change her, etc...just wait until you see how the nurses in the hospital throw them around :-) we are excited for you guys!!!