Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lunch @ Pei Wei

Today I had lunch @ Pei Wei with an amazing pastor. Doug Meye came to Vegas about twenty five years ago to plant a church. Doug has some huge respect in the Valley and I was honored to have lunch with him (he even payed!).
We started talking about life and he shared his passion to lead and help younger pastors, I was so stoked. He shared some great advice with me and he is what I will take:

1) The Church is Fragile. This was just an all around statement. We need to be careful with it.
2) Ask people how they are doing: What are you excited about? What are you concerned about?
3) Care less about your impression and more about your relationship with God

He shared a story with me about pennies. He said that in every setting you have so many pennies. For example when you get hired, if people like you, you get 20 pennies to start with. If you got out and double the group and lead some key students to Christ in the first month you get 30 pennies. Lets say four months later you go to camp and something bad happens, like a discipline issue, you loose 10 pennies. He just asked me to make sure you make smart wagers with what you have. He shared about tenure and how that is so important. I am excited about his lunch and Doug speaking into my life.

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