Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sophie Update #2

Well, its official... Sophie is 48 hours old. Today was a good day for her. We are starting to know her nurses that are taking care of her and they are both amazing ladies. The NICU is open 24 hours a day, but closes between 6:30 and 8 am & pm.
Today we were able to give her a bottle and try to help her get some much needed food. Here is a pic of me being pretty focused on getting her food. She needs to take about 30 cc's of formula (pray Charity can breastfeed soon) every three hours per the NICU.
They want us to be able to hold her when she eats. If you notice the formula taped to my shirt; that goes down the tube into her tummy and gets her the food she needs. Sometimes its just hard to grab your baby who has all these tubes and wires on her, but it also makes me thankful that I have a baby.
<--Tired face after eating.
Its pretty weird for us right now; we left the hospital but Sophie stayed. She had a really good day, but her lungs are still having trouble.
The staff is pretty convinced that her throat is irritated from all the suctioning that took place after birth.
I had to throw in the picture of daddy changing his first diaper, boy was that a full diaper! I did my best and got rolling, but Sophie must have been saving up because she pooped two more times while I was wiping her. Don't worry, I didn't get any on my hands! But look at that face.
Tomorrow I will try to get some pictures of Charity with Sophie up here and some more face shots for you all. In all reality she is a healthy, beautiful, little girl that just had a rough start.
Some specifics to pray for:
* Sophie's throat to heal
* Sophie to want to suckle
* Sophie's lungs test to come back better
* Her lungs to get strong enough to get off the oxygen tubes
* Charity and I to get some rest and a good night sleep.
Thanks so much for all the prayers and love!


Kristal Sawyer said...

You did it! You changed your daughter's diaper! =)

She is so beautiful. Praying she can come home soon.

Unknown said...

Fine job with the diaper Neal!

Would love to see a picture of Charity and Sophie.

The pictures you've posted so far bring a smile to my face.... just precious!