Monday, June 06, 2011

Encouragement in Discouragement

The last few blog post's I have written have been about seminary... and to be honest they have been me sharing my discouragement in seminary.  I know I said that I quit last week and in my heart I did; I am just very thankful that I didn't tell anyone I quit.  I have learned from that and the need for balance in my life.  I am thankful that this summer is my last semester of taking two courses at the same time.

This weekend I needed some encouragement as I was knee deep in my Old Testament paper.  This OT course I am taking is pretty cool and very informative.  Well I decided to take a little break from class and check up on my grade from the spring:

Its always good to find a fat A for a course that you have put hard work and effort into.


Nick Ristow said...

Boom! I got an A also man, congrats!

Neal Benson said...

Dude I loved that class! It was tough but so good for me in life!