Monday, June 13, 2011

Vegas to Truckee

This was my third summer driving up to Redding for summer school.  The first summer it was Charity, Sophie and I.  Once we had Leah we decided that it was too much for all four of us to make the drive and stay in the dorms.  The last two years the drive has been good and bad for me to do.  Last summer I got a speeding ticket on the way up and made the trek to Redding in one day; twelve hours is too much to drive! This year I decided to break up the drive into two parts.

Friday I headed out of Vegas and went north to visit my friend Peanut in Truckee.  If you have never made the trek from Vegas to Reno here is basically what most of the landscape looks like.  Those are dead bugs on the windshield and a little hill in the distance.  Its a two lane road that is perfect to drive when you want to talk to God.  That is why I made the drive.  It gives me time to just be still, shut off my phone and talk to God.  This time I did a bunch of talking and followed that with a good deal of listening.

I contemplated putting this picture in.  One reason to leave it out is that I am a pastor.  Another to put it in is that I am a pastor.  See the saddening thing, that you may not know, is that there are still brothels in Southern Nevada.  You can see that I am driving while I took the picture but if you enlarge it you will see the name of the establishment (if you can call it that).  It breaks my heart to see this.  I want to pray for the ladies who work here to leave the business and find hope in Christ.

Someone I want to ask as I wrap this up:
Are you taking intentional time to connect with God?  This drive made some time for me to connect with God but I know its not the best time for me.  I want to be more focused when I am connecting with God and be able to write things down.

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