Thursday, June 23, 2011

Renewed Passion

It is interesting how someone can change your perspective on things.  Just over two weeks ago I was ready to quick seminary.  Last week I spent a week in Redding working on seminary and it is amazing how being around the people in my seminary, the prof that I had and chatting with the dean for a few minutes can change my mind (I'm pretty sure the drive to school helped also because it allowed me time to just listen to God and chat with Him).

Here are some keys things that I think helped change my mind and turn me back around:

Great Professor
I am very thankful for the teaching at Tozer Seminary and this last week added to that thankfulness.  I had a prof who had a cool combination of training and that encouraged me.  Dr. George Haraksin II is a Lead Pastor at a church in So Cal.  He has training in Philosophy and is currently working on his Ph.D down in So Cal.  In class I learned a great deal from George by the way he communicated to our class.  He was extremely curious to the class and was constantly saying things like: "I want to press you on that, I am not trying to embarrass you but I want to see how you got there."  I learned just as much from George about how to communicate as I did from what he was teaching.

Give it Time
The old saying of just sleep on it held true for me in this case.  I already slept on it before I almost threw in the towel but I slept on it for a few weeks.  I knew that I was overloaded in life and was trying to balance too much.  Taking two courses in one semester is just too much for me.  I tried to push it but Charity and I talked about it and she is right.  When we didn't have children I could manage it but now that we have our little girls it is just too much.  If you are burned out on something give it some time before you throw in the towel.

Vision of the Seminary
While I was in Redding I grabbed Dr. Sarah Sumner and had a quick chat with her.  I thanked her for all she is doing within the seminary and how she is really training up the next generation of church leaders.  It was very encouraging to spend those few minutes with her and hear her heart and what she is doing.  I am thankful for a dean that loves Jesus, cares about the students and is bringing in quality professors to teach us.  If you are looking for a seminary I suggest checking out Tozer (I don't get royalties for saying that)

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