Monday, August 18, 2008

Date Night

Tonight is the most important night of the week. Its not High School Ministry, Bible Study, Small Group or anything related to the church. Tonight is Date Night.
Charity and I do date night every Monday night. Its a time for us to put the computer away, turn the cell phone off and just have some us time. I love date night. It gives me the time I need with my wife.
To make date night effective we both have to really protect the time. There are about 100 things that I could be doing instead of date night. There are two things that are pressing right now: Pool Party tomorrow night and a fourteen page paper on Ephesians 6:10-20. Both of those can wait. Date night must be protected. If my marriage is not the second most priority in my life (God being number one) then anything can take precedence.
I think this is something good for anyone in ministry to consider and put down on their schedule. Show your wife that she is import and that you love; start date night and make it a priority. I'm out to dinner with my wife!

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Ryan Guard said...

wise, very wise! I need to be better at this...