Tuesday, September 16, 2008

21 days

Today Sophie is 21 days old. It made me think about some of the crazyness we have been through, but also the blessing that now lives with us (I know that may sound funny). It is weird to think that in 2003 Charity and I met. In 2005 we got married. In 2008 we now have a kid; a beautiful little girl. When I look at Sophie, she is just so amazing. I have told many people that I just don't want to leave the house or do anything because I feel like I am missing something. I do dread the day I hear she took her first steps and I am not there. But I also know that God is working all this out in His timing.
Tonight we went over to our friends the Mansfields and just hung out with them. I have talked about them before, and its nice to just chill with them.
Sophie is doing great. She is eating well and it looks like she is growing! Its just so amazing to me to see how she grows and how she gets bigger and how strong she is and that she has all she needs. Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for us. Please pray for Sophie to desire to nurse. We are still doing like half bottle, half expressed milk and its getting hard on Charity. By the way, Charity is the most amazing mom! She is so patient with Sophie and just there to love on her. I love being married to that girl.
Well its time for the 10:45 feed, so I need to go help out. Please keep praying for us, and if we can pray for you just let us know!

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Kelly said...

It goes by fast dosen't it?? Is Charity working with a Lactation Consultant? A LC can help get them back on track with nursing. Tell her to call me if she's frustrated and needs help.