Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In The Beginning

We are doing a series in our High School Ministry right now called: "In The Beginning" and I am loving this series! I am studying day two and three of creation right now and just in awe of all that God created! I am constantly amazed at how God made everything in order and with a purpose.
God knew to make water before plants so that plants could have water to survive. I found something called:
DAY AGE THEORY – Each “day” was actually an “age” or “long period of time” of about 1 billion years.
This made me kinda laugh, just a little. If each day was not a "day" then plants would have died because they were made on day three and the sun was made on day four. Therefore what would have been there for photosynthesis to happen? Now even deep, is that bee's were not created until day five! That means that all the plants would be no more. If you get the time to study Genesis One and really dig into the scientific information about creation and how it all works, you will love it!
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