Saturday, September 13, 2008

Infant Acid Reflux

That is what Sophie has. After all the hospital stuff, doctor visits, blood draws, IV stuff and everything else that I have seen done to our daughter giving her 0.4 ml of Acid Reflux medicine doesn't seem so bad (we got our NICU bill today and it was $24,000+, thank God for insurance). So that is the diagnosis right now. Thanks for praying for Sophie. I will put up more pics soon. She is so beautiful!
I hope the Chargers game is on TV tomorrow, Sophie said she really wants to see LT kill the Broncos...

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Martin said...

That's what Jacob has. The doctor actually put him on Zantac! It sucks to see your baby suffer. I'll have A' call charity and see if she can offer any words of wisdom in how she helped Jacob.