Monday, September 15, 2008

Rosie and Sophie

The family is all back home! Today I went to the Rock's house and picked up Rosie. Rosie is our 2 1/2 year old little puppy. Rosie was the baby of the family, but not anymore. We got Rosie from the Rock's as a Christmas present and we love her! Kody Rock is the first kid I met coming out to Vegas. He has been in my small group for 4 years now and this year, his senior year, will be year five. We love this family!
I had to put this picture up with Rosie and Sophie.
Charity and I weren't sure how Rosie would act with Sophie here and she has done great. At first she didn't really acknowledge her, but the first time she cried Rosie turned into Mom #2! Rosie hears Sophie and wants to make sure she is ok. I put Sophie on the couch next to Rosie to just see what would happen and Rosie, gentle as could be, just rested her head on her in such a loving way. I am super thankful for that! I am now truly out numbered in the house!

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Unknown said...

Ha! Yes, yes you are my friend!
Such an adorable photo...