Monday, September 01, 2008

Sophie Update #6

Thank you all so much for your prayers, today was a great one! Sophie has been consistently taking her food! Do you notice anything different about this picture (besides my sweet gown I'm wearing)? Sophie got her feed tube out at 11pm tonight. Going to all her feed times is really paying off today. We had the charge nurse say the most encouraging thing I have heard all week: "Well I probably wont be seeing you guys tomorrow night."
We have had some really amazing nurses over the last couple days and Sophie is really on the road to coming home. The Doctors have said that it could be as early as tomorrow, but we are not holding our breath.
Sophie is eating well and really staying on top of her feeding. Also Charity and I are getting to be an example for Jesus there. Our night nurse complimented us many times on working as a team, and doing what we can. She told us that we are the kind of parents she loves to see! Thank you for praying for us.
Our first family picture, yep; that's us! The pictures are somewhat grainy because we don't want to use our flash on Sophie's little eyes.
Its time for bed cause its after midnight, but I just had to share this huge win!
Please pray for:
* Sophie to continue eating
* Sophie to come home soon
* Charity and I to be a light for Jesus
* Charity to get rest
* God to prepare us to be parents at our house
Thanks so much for keeping up on us and loving on us and praying for us! It really means so much.

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Salazar Family said...

i guess i am the nite prayer owl. oh well, i'll get my sleep in heaven. dude that is rad, i'll keep prayin!!!!!!!