Friday, September 26, 2008

The City we live in

Sometimes I forget that I live in Las Vegas. Today reminded me on so many levels how hurting this city is. I went down to the strip to pick up a gift for Charity, something she totally wants! (She doesn't even know she got it yet). I was in a rush. I had to be sneaky and get down there. I was rushing there on the freeway, parked at The Bellagio Casino and walked to Tiffany's CO.
I caught myself rushing to get all this down and while I was purchasing the gift, I felt God just tugging on my heart saying; "Are you too busy to love the people down here?... Are you too busy to reach out to them?"
That broke my heart.
I bought my gift and just made some observations that I need to remember:

1. Las Vegas is huge
I say that because it took me about 3-4 min to walk through the casino. This place is big because people are constantly loosing their money. That means that lives are hurting and people could be messing up their families.

2. People are gambling at 11am
This hurt my heart. People are so desperate for money. I know that some people can handle to play the games a bit, but not me. I see so many people that are hurting. I watched someone, as I stopped for a min, play what looked like $5000 on one hand of craps. That is more money then my family will gross this month. It convicted to see who is reaching out to them... It also made me think about the hope that they are searching for. People are looking for hope in the wrong place.

3. The dress code on the Strip
Or the lack there of. I am constantly shocked to see what people wear here. There is like this unwritten law that when you come to Vegas everything goes, you can be whoever you want to wish or wish you were. It made me sad. I have this theory called "Daddy Issues" and I believe that girls dress for attention because they are compensating for the lack of the love of their father.

All of this is happening in my town and God just convicted me today to be open and ready in every situation. I did not choose to come to Vegas to live, but God brought my family here to do His work. That is what I want to be focused on.

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